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About the Unity Sand Ceremony and it's Symbolism

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If you've thought about getting married, or are in the process of planning your wedding, we're sure you've seen unity sand vases and references to unity sand ceremonies everywhere.  This became an especially popular trend after Trista and Ryan from the TV show the bachelorette broadcasted their wedding live and featured the unity sand ceremony.  So, what's the unity sand ceremony all about, and what is the significance?

What is a Unity Sand Ceremony?

The unity sand ceremony utilizes two pouring vases filled with a color of sand that represents the bride and another color representing the groom.  These two smaller vases are then poured into one larger vase to symbolize the union of the husband and wife.  Once the two sand colors have mixed, they create a new color and the sand can never again be separated.

How is a Unity Sand Ceremony Different from a Unity Candle Ceremony?

The two are very similar, and really have the same meaning, two become one.  The unity sand ceremony has gained traction as the modern symbolism of unity.  Many brides and grooms alike prefer the sand because it can be used on display in the home as an ever-lasting reminder of their union.  Also, with sand, you don't have to worry about the candle blowing out from a gust of wind or clumsy hands.  We have found that the couple really cherish their sand vases, and the personalization we add makes them a truly special wedding keepsake.

When is the Unity Sand Ceremony Performed?

The unity sand ceremony is usually performed during the wedding ceremony itself.  As the sand is being poured, the bride and groom often choose to take this time as an opportunity to expand on their promise to each other or their families.  There are some great ideas on unity sand vows online, or you can write your own.  The unity sand ceremony is gaining popularity as a tradition reserved for the wedding reception as well.  Many couples like bringing their families into the ceremony.  Especially in the case of blended families.

What Does a Unity Sand Ceremony Look Like?

Watch a unity sand ceremony

What Do I Need to Have for  a Unity Sand Ceremony?

You will want two smaller vases, one for both the bride and groom.  If you will be performing the ceremony to include additional family such as children, consider purchasing their own sand vases as well.  The vase to be filled, should be larger and more decorative.  You want it to be able to hold all of the sand.  Also, you will need one color of sand for each person participating.  We offer many personalized sand vase options to make your sand vase a treasured keepsake.

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