OTR Engraving

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On the Rocks Custom Rock and Glass Engraving specializes in quality, hand crafted engraved rock and glass products for all occasions and events.

Who we are:

On The Rocks Custom Rock and Glass Engraving is a sister company to Vital Signs & Apparel and Vital Bridal Keepsakes.  Owned and operated by Lenny and Andi, On the Rocks was created to meet the demand high quality, customized rock and glass etching. We work one-on-one with our clients to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that will end with a product designed and created to fit your needs. What we specialize in:
  • Glassware etching

  • Stone and rock engraving

  • Custom clothing and apparel products

  • Wall and home decor decals

  • Car decals

  • Custom banners

About our clients: 

We offer a unique service that allows our clients to get personalized products for any occasion.  Because of the unique nature of our work, we deal with various types of clients from everyday folks wanting home decor or gift items to government agencies wanting memorials or stone walls etched. Some of our clients include:
  • State and federal government agencies- Veteran's memorials and historical monuments

  • Public and private educational facilities- banners, fundraiser items, bricks for walk ways and plazas, school spirit items

  • Sports teams- shirts, uniforms, banners, glassware, drink ware, team spirit items, fundraiser items, gifts for coaches, parent pride items

  • Businesses looking for apparel, gifts, promotional items and customer appreciation gifts

  • Brides- personalized favors, wedding items, gifts and banners

  • Military families- welcome home banners, pride t-shirts, glassware, drink ware, and custom decals

  • Car clubs- promotional items, car pride glassware, stickers/decals, and drink koozies

  • People just like YOU!- Everything from wall decals to personalized gifts, t-shirts, beer mugs, memorial rocks, and Welcome Home signs

  • And many more!

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